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Gravel Road Studio is a creative space that allows artists to write, record as well as learn in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Gravel Road Studio prides itself on getting to know artists to understand their needs, in order to provide the best experience possible, whether you are writing, recording or learning. Gravel Road Studio is also available to help you with video production and self promotion. Video and live room recording sessions are available.


Be comfortable

Our studio is situated in a quiet wooded location on a gravel road with nature and trees as a backdrop. The vibe is relaxing and perfect for writing and playing. We also offer guitar, bass, drums and keys/piano lessons in a non-traditional way that emphasizes expressing yourself and your energy, rather than focussing on playing other people's music, all while utilizing the latest technology for playing with sound. Multiple musicians are available for writing and recording sessions.


Need engineering or equipment?

Whether you want your song mixed and mastered or would like an Ableton Live rig programmed so you or your band can perform on stage, we can help.  Are you an aspiring EDM artist or DJ that would like help programming their live set to be more performance based, we can help with that too. 


Jesse Mastro - Singer/Songwriter

"As a new singer/songwriter, the process of studio recording seemed a bit overwhelming to me. Working with Jeff at Gravel Road quickly alleviated any fears that I had, and was actually a ton of fun! The environment is welcoming and Jeff is great at focusing on what I, as the artist was hoping to achieve from the sessions. Having never professionally recorded before, it quickly became clear that some of the songs I wrote needed refinement. This is where Jeff's musical side came in and he actually helped me rewrite parts of a song, and add the instrumental tracks to round out the song. I definitely plan on working with Gravel Road again soon."

Dante Cardova - Musician

"I have been playing music my entire life and have had the pleasure of performing live and in the studio with many great musicians. I have worked many years to hone my ear for sound, along with learning new skills, and although I have my own studio that I use for recording, there is one thing I am still not able to master… engineering!  I have recorded at Gravel Road Studio several times now, and I will say my experience has been very different from the other studios I have been to. There are no smelly couches,  beaten down equipment, or an engineer that thinks HE knows the sound YOU want. I was welcomed by Jeff, the owner and my first impression was wow this is a house! The atmosphere is awesome, it’s like being in the comfort of your own home, yet with all the tools you need to record your music and a personal engineer on board. I especially loved that Jeff did not try to change my sound or alter my music, he listened to what I was trying to achieve and worked with me to get the perfect sound for each track. I also was blown away at how knowledgeable Jeff was with the equipment and how quickly he was able to get me a sound or an effect without using up my paid time. I am a musician not an engineer, and this was the perfect place for me to focus on my music and creating rather than stressing over engineering.

If you are looking for a warm welcoming place to record your music with knowledgeable staff that helps you find YOUR sound rather than settling for A sound, Gravel Road Studio is your place."

Audio/Video Samples

Drum Cover - Courtney Barnett - Avant Gardner

A video and song I produced to capture moments of the summer with my son.   


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